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The seat belt injury in a very common type of personal injury that most of our clients at Austin Chiropractic have after they experience a car accident. This can happen when your car in rear-ended or the side slammed and you the passenger get thrown forward or sideways.

The impact of the other car creates such a degree of thrust that anyone in the car wearing his or her seat belts can be seriously injured. The most common are bruised cartilage or broken ribs, cracked sternum. Being that the spine is connected to the rib cage, the massive shock of an auto accident also frequently results in misaligned spinal vertebrae.

The spinal nerves can become pinched and compromised after an auto accident. The result is not only pain but also lack of full and proper function to the linked organs in the body. In our Chiropractic office, I examine the rib cage and the vertebrae in the spine for any subluxations that would affect the nervous system.

Air bags can also injure the occupants of cars. Many patients at Austin Chiropractic notice headaches and chest pain after a car wreck. The force of an air bag deployment can break ribs, shatter your glasses and at the very least, really knock the wind out of you. The speed at which the airbag must launch, to be effective, also has consequences for those involved in a car crash.

In our office, we take the time to make sure that the patient receives the best care, both physically and legally. We work with a team of x-ray techs and MRI specialist to properly diagnose the accident victim. We provide supporting documentation needed by insurance carriers or your legal adviser, if the accident should also involve a lawsuit for negligence of the other driver.

Call our office today and schedule an appointment. Describe your accident and your pain to me, and I’ll take some physical assessments of your skeletal alignment. Then I can best advise as to a plan of chiropractic adjustments done in our office, coupled with advice on home exercises – physical therapy to improve blood flow and strengthen muscles in the affected region.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

– Jim

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