Dr. James Lee attends a lecture on “The Autism Trust” research at the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Many chiropractors around the world have reported symptomatic improvements in behavior following a Chiropractic adjustment, particularly upper cervical adjusting, the top two vertebras that surround the brain stem.

Dr. James Lee, from Lee Chiropractic in Austin Texas will be supporting and participating in further research in the form of larger, controlled trials.

One study that was conducted by a Chiropractor carried out a series of chiropractic adjustments on 26 autistic children over a 9-month period.

All 26 autistic children had atlas laterality, which is the first vertebra in the spine.

When the study was completed and the results were compiled, the children showed normalization of deep tendon reflexes and increase in dermatome sensation as well as an increased cervical range of motion. There was also a significant reduction of other health problems. Most all of the children were taken off Ritalin and other pharmaceuticals. Their bladder and bowel control improved.  Some children started to speak and eye contact and attention span also improved. There was a reduction of hyperactivity and aggressive behavior.

From the total 26 children five children were able to attend mainstream classes at school for the first time.

The teachers and parents recorded in most cases significant improvements in the children.

”The authors of the study believed that the children were suffering from neurological interference contributing to their diagnosis of autism. This neurological interference was thought to have hindered the development of the child, interfering with their ability to reach their full potential.”

“The Chiropractor believes that by correcting a chiropractic subluxation the local neurological function will improve, allowing for more neurological integration, enabling an overall improvement in function.”