Dr. James Lee from Austin Chiropractic explains “The Top 10 things to do to for your health when you have no time”

Dr. James Lee from Austin Chiropractic explains

“The Top 10 things to do to for your health when you have no time”


For most people our Monday to Friday lifestyle is very different then our Friday to Sunday.


As soon as we wake up on Monday morning, it’s off to the races. Whether it’s managing the kids in the morning or taking the dog for a walk, or maybe both.


Up early, then work, then a lunch break, then back to work and then back in the car and into the traffic heading home.


So where is the time to work out of make a healthy meal? Or a workout? Or time to visit your Chiropractor.


This is always the problem. Time.


There are two main solutions to this problem of time:

  1. Prepare most of your healthy meals on Sunday night.
  2. Realize that when you begin to eat healthier and exercise more, time is created. This means that your body and mind begins to connect and enjoy the healthy new habits and your able to sleep less and/or get a deeper sleep. This is where the time comes from.


Here are my Top 10 ways to do something healthier when you have no time during the workweek:


  1. Drink your meals in the morning. Make a smoothie with some green powder.
  2. Bring green powder in a shake bottle to work. Then just add water.
  3. Put your workout shoes and clothes right next to the bed and get up early and without thinking, put them on, drink some water and walk right out the front door. The key here is “with out thinking”. Once you start that stinking thinking, you end up talking yourself out of it.
  4. If you have a liquid lunch (smoothie) or a prepared lunch, then try and exercise during your lunch break 2-3 times a week. Even just a walk.
  5. If you missed your morning walk then apply the same technique when you get home from work, no stinking thinking, just put the workout clothes and walk out the front door.
  6. Create family and friend events to where you can exercise, especially if it involves a pool. Just be active in the water and you  will burn calories.
  7. Fruit in the morning only. No heavy breakfasts. Eat light so your body stays in fat burning mode. Even if you are not overweight the fat burning mode will burn off toxins and clean out your body quickly.
  8. Experiment in the kitchen with one new and interesting meal per week, (a healthy one).
  9. Eat at a friends house that you know is a health freak, we all have a few of those here in Austin. Create a potluck, and maybe even an ongoing eating event.
  10. 10.  As mentioned above. Prepare most of your healthy meals on Sunday night. This is so important. Chopped up celery and prepared salads. Healthy rice and bean dishes. Even if you freeze some of them.                                                                                                                                                                                                          Contact my office if you need any help with your health!



Doctor James Lee graduated from Chiropractic College in 1998. He then moved overseas to Costa Rica to meet the high demand of Chiropractic care. He was the 4th Chiropractor to open up a clinic in the country and opened up 4 clinics over the next 14 years. Doctor James Lee has adjusted over 120,000 patients. He traveled to different countries on Chiropractic Missions to serve those in need.

He is a certified Raw Food Chef and a certified Yoga teacher.

Now returning to the USA, Dr. Lee opened up a clinic in Austin, Texas.

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Dr. James Lee has been a practicing Network Chiropractor for nearly 20 years, 15 of those years in Central America, now based in Austin, Texas. Thanks for reading - if you liked this post, please Share It with the icons above!