Dr. James Lee meets with TxDot Health and Wellness Coordinator

Dr. James Lee meets with TxDot Health and Wellness Coordinator.

During the month of July Dr. James Lee of Austin Chiropractic had the opportunity to sit down and talk with several health and wellness coordinators for companies in Austin Texas. Audrey Thompson is the health and wellness coordinator for TxDot in Austin and the entire State of Texas. She created this position several years ago when she recognized a need for a wellness program. Since she started, she has created positions for on site wellness coordinators in ALL of the State of Texas TxDot offices (25 in total) With 12,000 employees. In Austin, Audrey is responsible for the health of 1000 employees.

They have TaiChi, Core Class, Yoga classes, Run-walks, Biking, and boot camps.

They also have lunch and learn sessions, where they invite a local expert to come in and talk about wellness while the employees eat.

One day a week Audrey teaches classes via webcast. She coaches over 40 people one time a week for 8 weeks.

Also, Audrey is on the Mayor Fitness Council and has presented her Health and Wellness power point presentation.

Dr. James Lee from Austin Chiropractic will be doing several presentations in the upcoming future regarding Corporate Wellness and the affects of Diabetes and Obesity on employees.


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