How can Chiropractic help me with my Fibromyalgia?


How can Chiropractic help me with my Fibromyalgia?

This is actually a very common question these days because of the unsuccessful attempts by most other therapies.

The quick answer is YES!

Consistent Chiropractic care will improve your nervous system, which will help your immune system, which will help your body respond better to all problems. Getting Chiropractic care is one of a few things that someone can do to help their body better managing fibromyalgia. Diet is also very important and exercise.

Fibromyalgia is primarily caused by the breakdown in the normal function of the central nervous system, which creates an abnormal perception of pain. “The pain is usually what get most of my patients into the office” Dr. James Lee of Austin Chiropractic.

The muscles and the nerves generate abnormal impulses and cause an abnormal perception of pain by the human body. Or in easier terms, the body becomes super sensitive.

A recent study showed that people who have had any type of neck injury, similar to what you would see in an auto accident, have an increase of 13% possibility of developing fibromyalgia.

This is mainly due to the muscles in the neck tearing and scaring as a result of a whiplash type of movement.

These are all great reasons to visit your local Chiropractor and get some exams to determine the status of your neck. Most of us have neck and shoulder pain as well as the occasional headache. Dr. James Lee from Austin Chiropractic strongly suggests that everyone who has ever injured themselves or had an auto accident to visit their local Chiropractor and have some of the general exam work done and consider becoming a patient.


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