Is Chiropractic the best choice for low back pain?

I have been working with people complaining of low back pain for almost 15 years.

Most people in my Austin Texas office are in my office because of low back pain. The fact is, Chiropractic is the best FIRST choice for any health issues, especially low back pain. Millions of people around the world suffer from low back pain and thousands suffer in and around Austin Texas. Most people unfortunately choose to medicate their back pain away. This might work on covering up the pain but it will not get to the root of the problem. Usually the root of the problem in low back pain is a disc bulge. This is when the vertebra in the lumbar spine has shifted enough to create inflammation and the disc bulges outward. The cause of this can be from an accident or fall, as well as a history of bad posture and over work. There are many reasons and very few repair options, Chiropractic being one of them.

My recommendation for any low back complaints would be to set an appointment with a Chiropractor first and see what the Doctor of the spine has to say.

My office in Austin Texas has free exam day so people can come in and see what is going on with their low back.

I suggest you pass on this information and enjoy your day.

Dr. James Lee