Meditation – A Good Idea To Incorporate Into Your Daily Life:

Meditation is an inherent part of yoga practice, as a matter of fact, the purpose of doing asana’s (Yoga Postures)  is to settle the body and focus the mind in planning for meditation.

Many people feel like you have to be an accomplished yogi or Buddhist Master in order to even practice meditation effectively, but you do not – You can meditate while walking, while sitting in any chair, doing chores around the house or pretty much anywhere you want to as long as you want to!

To Meditate is to Clear the Mind and Focus on YourThird Eye” (the point between your eyes) and let go of all emotions.

Relaxing Meditation

Meditation has numerous benefits on several degrees, including (but not restricted to):  


Physiological/Physical   ~ Regenerates the nervous system   ~ strengthens neuronal nerve tracts within the brain

~ increases lung capability   ~ increases oxygen flow rate to the brain   ~ increases vigilance   ~ Betters sleep

~ can reduce the events of bronchial asthma   ~ improves immune system   ~ Aids in addiction/abuse recovery

~ reduces blood pressure

Mental/Emotional   ~ Calms down the senses   ~ focuses the mind to bring clarity & perspective

~ soothes the over-stimulated Self   ~ reduces stress   ~ promotes positive mentality, reduces negative thinking

~ increases Self-Esteem/Dignity   ~ improves memory   ~ reduces anxiety and hypersensitivity   ~ increases creativity


~ allows the flow of prana/chi/life energy through the body   ~ develops, promotes and maintains spiritual awareness

~ unites one with Consciousness and the truest Higher Self   ~ increases connection with the Divine   ~ prepares the Self for the transition of Death

~ allows us to open our minds and hearts in order to Live more fully   ~ brings us into the divinity of the present moment

Below Are Some Great Meditation Links To Get You Started!