What you might not know about all the new changes in Health Insurance and Health reforms

 New Changes in Health Insurance and Health reforms

As we should know, the deadline for signing up for Health Insurance was March 2014.

Get health insurance or pay penalty.”

What are the penalties?

The penalties are $95 per adult and $47 per child capped at $285 or 1% of the family income.

Then in 2016 this will significantly increase to $695 per adult.

Also, there is no penalty for any 3-month gaps of insurance policy changes.

With the changes in the law, the uninsured as well as the insured can shop around for the best priced policies.

Also, with the new changes in health insurance and health reforms, children can remain on their parent’s policy until the age of 26. Which is great news for the thousands of uninsured youth in the USA.

The new law also states that you can no longer be denied with a pre existing condition. This is very important to hundreds of thousands of both uninsured and insured.

Dr. James Lee at Austin Chiropractic has had the opportunity to help many people understand their new insurance plans and the importance of new benefits.

Dr. Lee has attended many recent seminars on all the new changes and updates.

Now with the new rules and the new regulations, Medicare is now available for people under the age of 65.

Medicare is also now available for households who earn under $15,000/single individual and $31,000/family of 4.

These changes will increase the amount of coverage available for all people in the USA.

Beginning this year people with annual incomes of $45,000/single and $95,000/ household of 4 will become eligible for Government subsidies.

These subsidies with are applied to the following year’s premium as tax breaks.






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