Preparing for Health screenings in the Austin Independent School District

Dr. James Lee is currently preparing for his upcoming “Health screenings” in the Austin Independent School District starting this fall.

Yes it is time. Time to go back to school. As the summer nears the end the school year quickly approaches. Most families are running around buying new clothes and school supplies in between their pool and play times. The  Austin Independent School District is currently preparing for their event calendar. Lots of upcoming activities ranging from “meet the teacher” to “back to school” events, plus health screenings.

Lets not forget about our health. Especially the health and wellness of our fast growing children. Dr. Lee, while practicing in Costa Rica had a 40% pediatric Chiropractic practice. Lots of children came to the Chiropractic office on a weekly basis to ensure proper function of their nervous system. Kid-Chiropractic is big business in the USA. Over 2 million children visit Chiropractors per year. Think of is like a visit to a Dentist. It is always a good idea to prevent problems rather than wait for them to fully manifest. When you visit your Dentist they can stop a problem before it might require an operation and or an invasive therapy.

Chiropractic and children makes a lot of sense. This is why Dr. Lee has been preparing to educate the parents with in the Austin Independent School District.  

Here are some photos of Dr. Lee working with the following schools in the Austin Independent School District.

1. Jerry Joslin Elementary

2. Galindo Elementary

Austin Independent School District - Austin Chiropractic - Dr. James Lee
Austin Independent School District