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Dr. James Lee suggests the following Supplements for all of his patients.

If you have any further questions and wish to sit down and talk with Dr. Lee then schedule a time and he will review the material.

He suggests you begin with the following:



Get your core ESSENTIALS products in a month’s supply of convenient daily packets, ready to slip in your pocket or purse and take with you anywhere.

Each box contains 30 packets, each containing 5 capsules:

  • 1 Wild Bluegreen Body
  • 1 Wild Bluegreen Mind
  • 1 Acidophilus
  • 1 Bifidus
  • 1 Enzymes

Then begin taking 5 of  the BODY and 5 of the MIND each day.

Also, continue with the Acidophilus and Bifidus as well as some “Gut” supplements.


Click on the following photo link for the official company website:


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