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What is the Paleo Diet?

What is the Paleo Diet? This is a great question, especially with yet another new diet enters the mainstream society. But this is not a new diet, or a new way to eat. This has been around since our pre- agricultural, hunter-gatherer ancestors. This is a basic diet of meat, fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds. […]

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Top 5 ways to live past 50!

Top 5 ways to live past 50! Everyone can always improve on his or her health, even if it is something small. Having a Healthy body can do so much for our everyday life. The list is too big to even begin to start so I have compiled a TOP 5 quick health resolutions you […]

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¿Por qué elegir productos orgánicos?

Razones para preferir la comida orgánica El mal manejo de los cultivos puede convertir la alimentación sana en una fuente de tóxicos. La razón es la alta concentración de éstos que contaminan en ocasiones los alimentos y que se derivan de los pesticidas empleados. Por tal motivo, los productos orgánicos se presentan como la alternativa […]

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The Benefits of Fruit and Vegetables

Benefits of Fruit Help Digestion Helps Build Strong Bones Provide Antioxidants Helps break down blood clots Improves mood, reduces depression Lowers cholesterol Aids in good looking complexion Cleanses the blood stream Improves your breath!   Beets are Excellent Cancer Fighters Betacyanin attacks tumors Great Sources of Antioxidants Almonds Bell Peppers Blueberries Cranberries Goji Berries Green […]

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