This is exactly why Chiropractic helps people with asthma

Chiropractic adjustments restored nerve supply to the respiratory systems of the body and the immune system.

This is exactly why Chiropractic helps people with asthma.

Dr. James Lee of Austin Chiropractic has had many patients in the past 15 years with asthma and respiratory problems recover completely with Chiropractic adjustments. Now these recoveries did not occur overnight, but in just a few short weeks of 10-12 Chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Lee saw his patients lives change due to the ability to breath.

An asthma attack is usually caused by an inflammatory response, which causes the constriction of the bronchial tubes in the person’s lungs. Which different types of irritants including dust, pets, and perfume can trigger. Research has shown that the primary cause of asthma is the use of antibiotics and vaccines.

 “With the rise of vaccine and antibiotics, people in developed countries have experienced fewer serious childhood infections than ever before and scientists suspect that an immune system with no serious work to do is likely to become a renegade army, attacking whatever irritant it encounters.”


Over 15 million Americans have asthma and this includes 4 million children. Over 6000 people die a year from asthma. All these people have asthma even though over 6 billion dollars a year is spent on the condition.

Dr. James Lee of Austin Chiropractic believes that a properly functioning nervous system should be the first priority in solving asthma. Especially since the nervous system controls all of our bodily functions by sending and receiving messages to all parts of the body.

Nerve impulses are sent to the respiratory muscles, causing them to expand or contract. This is controlled by the centers of the brain and move down the spine and out the nerves. Therefore if the bones in the back are misaligned then the nerves are compromised and the nervous system cannot function 100%.

In conclusion, Dr. James Lee believes everyone suffering with asthma should visit a Chiropractor first. In fact, the reason Dr. Lee is a Chiropractor is because Chiropractic helped his body heal from 22 years of asthma.