Top 5 ways to live past 50!

Everyone can always improve on his or her health, even if it is something small. Having a Healthy body can do so much for our everyday life. The list is too big to even begin to start so I have compiled a TOP 5 quick health resolutions you can add to your daily life for a Better Over-All Sense of Well-Being:

1.Never Eat Too Late at Night!

This is a big “No No”…

This seems to be a big problem that many people fall into. One reason this is not good for your body is mainly because your entire body and cell structure eventually needs a “time out“! Many of us think that this occurs while we are sleeping (and for the most part, this is true) However, if you decide to eat that bag of chips or indulge in that leftover ice cream, you are not giving your body that 100% required “time off” at all! Your entire system, including almost every single organ is STILL being put to use!

What do you think breaks down all of this food in the 1st place? This is why we wake up feeling very “groggy” , sleepy still and irritated. Your organs also need to rest. The reason we feel miserable as I just mentioned is because your organs are working “over-time” and never had their chance to take a break.

If you really have to snack on something, try fruits like a banana or an apple or some raw carrots or celery. But the best thing is NOT to eat what so ever! Try to admire the fact that your body and all of its organs are ALWAYS working and it is now time for them to take their necessary break. Believe me, you WILL notice a huge difference almost immediately if you can avoid doing this at night.

2. Go to Sleep Sooner.

Another very important thing to remember about cleansing and decorticating your system in the evening is that your body wants to be asleep during these processes.

If you’re digesting or engaged in physical or mental work, your liver Is not flushing out your system properly, so you get all “overloaded feeling” It is wise to try to get your mind-set into “hitting the sac” a bit earlier especially as we age.

3. Avoid sugars/starch/caffeinated products

If you have any issues with mood swings, sleeping or problems involving digestion, curbing or eliminating carbs all together is a smart way to make yourself feel better. In the future, more on Gluten-Free Diets and Foods will be discussed. Eliminate those nasty refined sugars.

4. Research and Supplements with wisdom

Do your “Internet homework” before buying any nutritional supplements.

One huge fact regarding vitamins that numerous people don’t realize is that the majority of them are NOT in a “whole food” form. Your body WANTS to assimilate nutrients from a viable whole food source, NOT a manufactured proto-type vitamin. I am sure you have heard the saying: “you are what you eat“. The saying should really be: “you are what you assimilate” being that your body wants to assimilate as much nutrients from a whole food source. Did you know that Americans have the most expensive urine in the world? Sounds funny but its true!

We literally get rid of approximately 44% of our vitamins through our urine waste! Sounds like an expensive habit to me? Instead, try looking into whole foods like Blue Green Algae or Spirolina! They are loaded with nutrients and trace elements your body needs all in a whole food form so hardly any of this is wasted during your elimination process.

5. Juicing

Have you ever found yourself unable to digest certain foods? Even super foods? Well then, you will soon discover and learn to appreciate the total power of raw juice! Yeah, it takes some time to convert these veggies and fruits into a delicious glass of juice but what a way to create such an energy infused super food glass of “All mighty Goodness“! It is worth the extra time to make some fresh juice that not only is immediately assimilated into your body but the benefits of the long run will make you wanting to do juicing more often.