What is the Paleo Diet?

What is the Paleo Diet?

This is a great question, especially with yet another new diet enters the mainstream society. But this is not a new diet, or a new way to eat. This has been around since our pre- agricultural, hunter-gatherer ancestors. This is a basic diet of meat, fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds. That is it!

“Pretty simple right?”

Not quite. Try and go out tonight and just eat these foods. Try and go to a restaurant, not a salad bar or a Wholefoods. This old way of eating is close to impossible today with all of the refined and processed foods. Even if you just get a salad or a fresh cut piece of meat, there will be some toxic, gluten filled sauce that will go on top.

Dr. Lee from Austin Chiropractic has been doing lectures on this exact subject: “The difficulties of eating out with friends and/or going to house parties”. The challenges are the constant concerns and questions about the ingredients in foods and dishes served at these functions.

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The best way to see if this diet works well for you is to try the experiment yourself for 10 days. One of the many benefits of this experiment is that there are no grains and or gluten on this diet. This subject of gluten and grain free diet will be discussed in detail on our future blog. Dr. James Lee from Austin Chiropractic has done this experiment himself and has logged the results.

Lowering the carbohydrate intake by having fresh fruits and vegetables represent the main carbohydrate source will help lower the glycemic index in your blood. These foods are filled with fiber, which are slowly digested and absorbed and will not spike blood sugar levels.


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