Dr. James Lee is working with Freescale Semiconductor Inc.

Last year and this year Dr. James Lee from Austin Chiropractic will be doing health screenings and lectures for Freescale. The Freescale Company is a very large enterprise and is in full operation 24hrs a day. These hours create a need for many employees, and these many employees need Chiropractic care.

In todays world there are generally two types of workers, the manual laborer and the “white color” worker. These two types of workers have very different body types and require very different care plans and treatments regarding their health.

Dr. James Lee who worked in Costa Rica for 13 years has seen thousands of patients with the body type of a “laborer”. These body types are more muscular and carry more tension in the back and shoulders due to the physical acts of lifting, hauling and moving objects. Where as the “white collar” or “desk job” type of worker has a higher level of stress on the mind and emotions. Naturally this type of worker will also have low back issues from sitting all day and wrist (carpal tunnel) issues from using the computer.

Therefore, based on the body type of the individual the Chiropractic and Physical Therapy care is modified. In some situations, slightly more force is required to breakthrough the muscle mass and reach the spine. Doctor James Lee is able to detect this during his initial exams in the office.

Austin Chiropractic is a great place for people who work late hours.

Austin Chiropractic is working with Freescale employees - Austin Chiropractic - Dr. James Lee
Austin Chiropractic is working with Freescale employees during 2013.

Dr. James Lee has office hours until 7pm and is open on Saturdays. These flexible hours allow the patients to create a consistent schedule of Chiropractic adjustments.