What People Really Want from Their Health Provider

Everyone wants to be well.

Everyone wants to live his or her lives pain free and medication free.

Everyone wants to maintain their health into their later years.

Everyone wants a Health Care Provider who will listen to him or her and help him or her help themselves.

People today are tired of all the medications and prescriptions that most Health Care providers hand out like candy.

People want to find out and fix their underlining cause of illness and suffering not just mask the symptoms like most all medications do.

People are worried about their children’s health as well and what to do when they choose to not follow the directions of the MD and give their child pharmaceuticals.

People know that Medications are helpful BUT also extremely dangerous, especially for the developing mind and body of a growing child.

So where do they go?

Who do they ask?

Should they just GOOGLE their questions and the problems that they have?

Actually this is what most people do.

This is a scary thought because of the amount of misinformation out there and how many people believe it to be true.

My suggestion to everyone is to find a primary health care provider that you trust and like. Someone with a good personality and loves their work. Usually the best way to locate someone like this is by asking your friends and family members.

Also, when you go to visit a health care provider ask them some questions and see how they respond. Do they automatically want to prescribe you a medication or do they take the time to ask some probing questions, questions that are aimed at the possible source of your problem.

Remember People!

You are the one in charge of your health and no one else.

Dr. James Lee